Is Bodrum Expensive? Average Travel Costs

Is Bodrum expensive?

If medieval fortresses, coastal resorts, and Turkish beaches sound good to you, congratulations – Bodrum will be a great holiday destination for you. But you may wonder, how should you budget for your trip. Is Bodrum expensive?

Fortunately, Bodrum is also one of Turkey’s cheapest destinations. The average cost of a one-week holiday to Bodrum is $500 for a solo traveler and $750 for couples. For comparison, a one-week holiday for a solo traveler to Istanbul costs on average $665, and a week in Antalya costs $600.

So, as a basic answer, the average holiday to Bodrum is cheap compared to other Turkish destinations. But, to give you a better idea, we’ve completely broken down what you can expect from expenses in Bodrum. From money-saving tips to food and accommodation costs – we’ve got it covered.

Is Bodrum expensive to visit?

City view of Bodrum
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At an average weekly cost of $500 per person, Bodrum is not an expensive place to visit in Turkey. Even if you decide to stay for a month, you can expect to spend a comparably moderate $2,000 per person. As a general rule, visitors to Bodrum should expect to pay $70 in daily costs a day – including accommodation. Although, of course, you will exceed this budget by choosing five-star properties such as the Vogue Hotel Supreme, Kempinski Hotel, or The Bodrum EDITION.

Bodrum is not an expensive place to visit, but if you take that statement as a challenge, you will certainly be able to splurge your money.

Bodrum has some fascinating museums and archaeology sites to visit, including the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus –one of the wonders of the world in its standing days. Thanks to Bodrum’s coastal location, there are also plenty of beaches and boat trips to keep you entertained.

For longer day trips, you can visit nearby major attractions like Ephesus or the pools of Pamukkale. Get Your Guide lists a ‘Pamukkale and Hierapolis Full Day Tour From Bodrum’ priced at $64.98, including entrance fees. Alternative trips include visiting nearby Greek islands, such as Kos, via ferry.

For a guide to more daily expenses, we’ve curated the simple table below.

Domestic Beer 12oz Bottle of WaterTaxi Start TariffMeal for one (inexpensive restaurant)Gasoline (1 gallon)
  Cost ($)2.310.230.465.503.17

Is Bodrum expensive to live?

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As we explored above, the average daily living cost in Bodrum is low for Turkey. Grocery shopping, gasoline, and nightlife should be budget-friendly, leading to a great recreational life.

To add some perspective, Numbeo states that when living in Istanbul, basic monthly utilities come to an average of $59.75. Whereas, in Bodrum, the same utilities come to an average total of $40.49 – making living in Bodrum much cheaper than living in the capital. On average, rent is also 4.59% lower in Bodrum than in Istanbul, comparatively decreasing your monthly outgoings.

In terms of areas to live in Bodrum, Yalikavak and Turkbuku are likely to set you back a fair few pennies. If you have a lower budget in mind, Kadikale and Iasos are popular options for cheap but pleasant neighborhoods.

Is accommodation expensive in Bodrum?

Houses in Bodrum
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It is safe to say that your accommodation, whether living or visiting Bodrum, will demand the most significant portion of your budget. Luckily, Bodrum has various accommodation options to suit all budgets, from hostels to five-star hotels and resorts.

Because of its variety, whether accommodation is expensive in Bodrum is heavily reliant on your preferences. On your holiday, do you picture breezy, coastal vistas from a private whitewashed balcony? Or do you skip over imagining the room in favor of an included continental breakfast buffet?

Although, even if you do have ‘expensive’ accommodation taste, do not fear. Bodrum is a popular package holiday destination, meaning you can often snag last-minute or early-bird deals on accommodation packages. Jet 2 Holidays, TUI, and all feature package deals for Bodrum, so you may wish to subscribe to price and deal alerts from these websites.

In general, accommodation in Bodrum is very affordable for visitors, with options to reflect all travel styles and budgets. To give you an idea of prices for different accommodation types, we’ve included the following options below:

Eskici Hostel Bodrum ($) – Prices start at $8 for a bed in a 4-bed dormitory room. The Eskici Hostel Bodrum is perfect for backpackers and solo female travelers since they offer female-only dorm room options.

Sea Side Beach Club ($$) – The Sea Side Beach Club charges $38 per night for an all-inclusive stay. The Club is great for those looking to experience affordable luxury and avoid the hassle of organizing or buying meals elsewhere.

Salmakis Resort and Spa ($$$) – For five-star luxury, guests can pay $63 per night to stay at the Salmakis Resort and Spa. This property is a fantastic option for those looking to indulge in extravagant accommodation.

Is food expensive in Bodrum?

Turkish cuisine
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As a short answer, no, food is not expensive in Bodrum. And, if you’ve yet to experience Turkish cuisine, you are in for a treat! Aside from the famed doner meat, you’ll want to try a simit pastry and a durum wrap – which are often sold cheaply as street food.

Overall, the grocery shops are cheap, there are plenty of inexpensive restaurants, and many hotels and hostels include complimentary breakfasts.

Of course, it will be cheaper for you to buy food from groceries and supermarkets rather than eat at restaurants for every meal. So, on a budget, you may wish to consider finding self-catering accommodation with kitchen facilities so you can cook your own meals. For an idea of grocery costs, you can check the table we’ve compiled below using data from Numbeo.

Loaf of breadMilk (1 gallon)Eggs (12)Apples (lb)
Cost ($)0.202.521.410.30

If you are eating out, expect to pay $5.50 for a single meal at an inexpensive restaurant and $15.00 for two meals at a mid-range restaurant. A modest tip is the cultural norm in Turkey and is similar to the tipping process in the US and the UK. As a general guideline, tipping about 10% of the bill is seen as polite etiquette.

Is Bodrum expensive for nightlife?

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If Bodrum is ticking all your boxes so far, don’t worry. Whether you want to head to sea on the glass-bottomed Club Catamaran or catch DJs onshore at Club Mood, Bodrum’s nightlife will not disappoint. And, with the average pint of domestic beer only lightening your pocket of a humble $2.31, it is safe to say that the nightlife can be affordable.

Of course, the larger nightlife venues do attract higher prices and entrance fees. Commonly, Expatistan suggests that a ‘cocktail drink in a downtown club’ will set you back a steeper $6. Party boats and beach clubs are particularly notorious for hiking up nightlife costs, which is something you may wish to consider before booking.

As a general rule of thumb, look for free entry, included drinks in entry tickets, and happy hour deals. You can also choose to start the night at your accommodation if you have an all-inclusive drinks package, which could reduce the night’s expenses.

While major venues in Bodrum can be costly, the nightlife is not expensive overall in Bodrum. With a little bit of research and happy hour hunting, you should find partying budget-friendly.

Bodrum on a budget: Some extra money-saving tips!

Family traveling in Bodrum
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So, Bodrum is cheap as far as Turkey goes! But can you make it more affordable? The answer is a resounding yes. Here are a few extra money-saving tips before you go to Bodrum.

  • Catch a Dolmus – A hybrid between a bus and a shared taxi, a dolmus is a form of Turkish public transport that operates on set routes. Like most destinations, choosing public transportation like dolmus over private taxis can save you a lot of money in Bodrum. Catching a dolmus is also an experience in itself, so don’t miss out when visiting Bodrum!
  • Visit the Bodrum Amphitheater – When visiting Bodrum on a budget, prioritize the Bodrum Amphitheater. Why? It is entirely free to enter. As it is located just on the outskirts of Bodrum’s center, you can also choose to save money by walking or catching public transport to the amphitheater, making it a cheap day out.
  • Stick to low-cost supermarkets like Migros – Ok, so we discussed the benefits of self-catering accommodation. But when food shopping, skip over the petrol stations and smaller convenience stores in favor of Migros – a budget supermarket chain. Here, you can shop where the locals shop, often grabbing cheap deals and reducing your grocery expenses. Although, if there are any farmers’ markets running, you may also wish to purchase cheaper fruit and veggies there instead.
  • Avoid shopping centers and buy souvenirs at the market – When you arrive in Bodrum, you will likely want to purchase a keepsake or gift for someone back home. Or perhaps you have forgotten a vital item from your suitcase. Instead of heading straight to the nearest shopping center, look for a local bazaar. Here, you will be able to bargain for a budget-friendly price and make an experience out of a standard shopping day – it’s a win-win.
  • Consider a Museum Pass – The ‘Museum Pass The Aegean’ grants free access to all museums in the Aegean region for $38. If you are keen on museums and galleries or traveling around the Aegean after visiting Bodrum, the seven-day pass may be worth purchasing.
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