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best party destinations in portugal

The 5 Best Party Destinations in Portugal For Nightlife

Portugal has always been an increasingly popular holiday spot, and visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking their destination. With delicious food, beautiful beaches and affordable prices there is something for everyone in this glorious country. So what if you have come to Portugal to party? We have put together a list of the best 5 party destinations in Portugal so you can really let your hair down.

As is common across Europe, Portuguese culture values a good meal with dinner being an important element of any night out. This is of course followed by casual drinks and conversation continuing into the night with many nightclubs and bars not getting busy until at least midnight.

Whether you choose a coastal town or inland city you are sure to see parties spilling out into the streets as people enjoy live music, dancing and cocktails; the perfect combination for a good night out.  


Photo of Albufeira nightclub.
Colin Llyod via Unsplash

Albufeira is arguably the most popular tourist location in Portugal, starting out as a historical fishing village and growing into the largest resort town in the Algarve. As well as offering a selection of beautiful beaches, Albufeira has become known for its infamous nightlife. It is now the location of choice for many hen and stag do’s as well as group holidays.   

Though the old town comes alive at night with a plethora of restaurants and live music acts, the iconic nightlife location lies a short taxi ride out of town. This place is of course Avenida Sa Carneiro, otherwise known as the strip. Here, visitors can enjoy over a kilometer of nightlife with its’ shire size and offering making Albufeira one of the best party destinations in Portugal. Join a local company for a bar crawl experience for the opportunity to meet like-minded tourists or simply do your own and you will most certainly find a bar you love.

Popular spots include ‘Matt’s Bar’ for themed parties and general mayhem, ‘Wild & Company’ for live music and Hard Rock Café vibes, and ‘Piccadilly Cocktail Bar’. Other nightlife activities on offer include a game of bowling, trying your luck at the casino taking a sunset cruise or hitting up a sunset beach party.


photo of people enjoying a bar in lagos
Alexander Popov via Unsplash

Lagos is a resort town situated on the Western Algarve. It has a traditional look and feel to it with cobbled streets and ancient city walls. With hundreds of hotels to choose from it is a popular spot for tourists wishing to enjoy a more traditional Portugal. Lagos is also famous for its beautiful beaches and rock formations, and is a very popular spot for snorkeling, an activity we’ve heard is the secret to curing any hangover!

By night the cobbled streets come alive and there is no shortage of cocktail bars, Irish pubs and watering holes to quench your thirst. The marina is the best place to start a night out with a selection of bars and restaurants, accompanied by a mesmerizing view. For those wanting to start the party even earlier, Lagos also offers sunset cruises. Many then head to Rua 25 de Abril, a bustling street lined with venues such as rooftop terrace ‘Bon Vivant’, bohemian style bar ‘The Garden’ and ‘Eddies Bar’, home to a very generous happy hour.

Lagos is one of the best party destinations in Portugal because it offers something for everyone from live music to karaoke and most establishments are open till 4am.

Praia Da Rocha

Photo of cocktails in Praia Da Rocha, one of the best party destinations in Portugal.
Helena Yankovska via Unsplash

Though smaller in comparison to its neighboring Algarve resorts, Praia Da Rocha is growing increasingly popular as a holiday spot in Portugal. It is also one of the best party destinations in Portugal for a more relaxed experience with much of the nightlife centered around chatting and casually dancing the night away. Whilst offering an impressive nightlife scene, Praia da Rocha is also a prime location for visiting neighboring towns such as Alvor, famous for its extensively generous happy hours.

Most nightlife spots are situated on the lively Avenida Tomas Cabreira. Popular haunts include ‘Farmers Cocktail Bar’, jazz den ‘Bar Amuras’ and not to forget ‘Katedral’, a club built within an old place of worship. Praia Da Rocha also boasts a number of bars and places to party along its golden sandy beaches so many parties get started when the sun is still shining.

Praia Da Rocha is also home to popular beach club ‘NoSoloAgua’, a luxurious location with a huge swimming pool, pool bar, day beds on the beach and delicious cuisine. Throughout the summer months the beach club hosts a range of events featuring regular DJ sessions and live music-making this venue is a hugely popular attraction for the resort.


Photo of wine in Lisbon, one of the best party destinations in Portugal.
Matthieu Joannon via Unsplash

Lisbon is Portugal’s vibrant Capital city, popular for those wanting to explore and enjoy the culture of Portugal. Though a relaxing location by day, by night the city is a buzzing hub of nightlife and is one of the best party destinations in Portugal for living life like a local.

The most popular nightlife location in Lisbon is The Bairro Alto District with a huge range of bars, restaurants and clubs with many parties often spilling into the streets. This is because the venues are often smaller and more intimate. As well as being able to sample a huge range of beverages, visitors to Bairro Alto can enjoy live music from jazz, DJ’s to the traditional Portuguese sounds of Fado before heading over to one of the many clubs. Nightclub entry in Lisbon often includes two drinks tokens so don’t worry if entry sometimes seems a little steep.

Popular nightlife spots in Lisbon include wine bar ‘The Old Pharmacy’, traditional tavern ‘Tasca Do Chico’, and cocktail bar ‘Cinco Lounge’. It is worth remembering that Lisbon is notorious for its extensive hills so don’t expect to hop around too much in one evening and make good footwear choices!


photo of an outdoor party in porto
Samantha Gades via Unsplash

Porto is the second-largest city in Portugal and is becoming increasingly popular amongst tourists. Its nightlife scene is unique and exciting, and Porto has become one of the best party destinations in Portugal for a hip, authentic and affordable experience.

As suggested in the name, Porto is home to a number of port houses so you can get into the party spirit with one of the many wine tastings available across the river. A popular activity of many who live there is to take your favorite tipple to the hilltop of Serra Do Pilar, to enjoy the unbeatable sunset views across the Douro River.

Like Lisbon, you will find that many parties end up out on the streets, and you might be surprised to know that this normally doesn’t happen till midnight at the earliest! With a local University, Porto nightlife is often enjoyed by the students who live there. Popular joints include open-air bar ‘Base’, electronic nightclub ‘Plano B’ and ‘The Gin Club’. Most of the nightlife spots sit in the downtown area of Porto. Each venue has little distance between the next making it the perfect place for a bar crawl.

Which part of Portugal is best for nightlife?

Given that it is the largest resort town in Portugal with its own strip dedicated to bars and clubs, we would have to name Albufeira as the best part of Portugal for nightlife. Though the strip itself is slightly out of town, it is well worth the taxi ride to enjoy over a kilometer of bars, pubs, clubs and just about any venue you can imagine. Their close proximity means you can easily hop around and keep your nights exciting. For those wanting something a little calmer, Albufeira’s Old Town transforms at night offering live music, drink deals and delicious food.

Is Portugal good for partying?

Portugal provides the perfect balance of partying and relaxing and has something for everyone. Whilst some parts of Portugal are more catered to families, others have a reputation as the place to party when the sun goes down. Wherever you choose to stay you are bound to have multiple options to let your hair down with live music, cocktails and late-night clubs a staple in most areas across the country.  Portugal is therefore definitely a good destination for partying. Depending on what you fancy, pick a location thriving with fellow tourists, or opt for a more traditional and authentic experience.

Is Algarve a party place?

Algarve is most certainly a party place with a plethora of resort towns offering bars, pubs and nightclubs aplenty. One of the most appealing factors of the Algarve is its beautiful stretch of golden sandy beaches. These act as the perfect places to rest your head after a late night! It also means that you have the perfect setting to get the party started earlier with beach bars and clubs present throughout the region. There are a number of resorts to pick from within the Algarve, and each boasts its own impressive selection of party options that will keep you busy throughout the night.


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