Snorkeling in Kos: The 5 Best Snorkel Spots On The Island

snorkeling in Kos

Part of the Dodecanese island chain, Kos is characterized by its abundance of charm and beauty. Blessed with Venetian-style castles, lush vegetation and all the sun, sea, and sand you could dream of, this gem of the Aegean Sea is well worth a spot on your bucket list.

And with over 100 kilometers of stunning coastline, Kos has no shortage of alluring waters for any keen snorkeler to choose from. From the more secluded, tranquil settings, to the watersports hotspots, you can take your pick of swimming environments. So, whether you’re just dipping your toes in the snorkeling world, or you’re a seasoned pro looking for those prime snorkel spots, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in this captivating Greek island.

But if you’re a bit unsure where to start, we’re here to help take the hassle out of pre-vacation research. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 spots for snorkeling in Kos, meaning all that’s left to do is grab your gear and head on out there.

Camel Beach

man snorkeling
Image by TeeFarm via Pixabay

Taking its name from a rock formation that is said to resemble a camel from afar, the calm waters here are the perfect environment to get your snorkel on. Located 30 kilometers southwest of Kos town, this slightly more secluded beach is nestled amongst majestic, rugged cliffs, and although taking a bit of a trek to get there (a steep dirt road), it is certainly worth the effort.

The crystal-clear waters here make it the ideal place to spot a variety of sea life and there’s many that reside here, from eels to sea urchins. Not to mention, you’re away from the mass crowds of other Kos beaches, so you shouldn’t need to fight with fellow tourists to stake your claim on the best snorkeling real estate.

And once you’re finished exploring the waters in this tranquil cove, why not head up to the restaurant that sits just atop the beach? Serving a variety of seafood choices, as well as several other tasty delicacies, it’s the perfect place to quiet those hunger pangs and reflect on your underwater travels.

If you are a solo traveler, this beach offers that perfect laid-back vibe to truly soak in your alone time, unlike many of the other spots along the coast. So, be sure to add this one to the itinerary if you are looking for a bit of solitary snorkeling.

Limnionas Beach

Limnionas Beach
Image by Hihawai via Wikimedia

Located in the southwest of the Island, and with views out to Kalymnos, Limnionas Beach is within easy reach from the village of Kefalos. Split into two sections – one with strong, crashing waves and the other with more peaceful waters, you can take your pick of beachside preferences.

This small bay, situated in a picturesque fishing port, is a haven for fishing and tourist boats, yet is still considered to be a fairly deserted and quiet beach. Whether you want to soak in the sun on the sunbeds, sip on a refreshing beverage at the taverna or head out to the shimmering water to see what type of sea life call this beach home, you can easily pass the time here. And this is a favored spot for snorkeling, due to its fish spotting opportunities in the lagoons and rock pools, as well as providing a less commercialized setting in which to inspect.

And if you haven’t managed to tear yourself away by the end of the day, taking in a sunset here is highly recommended. Whether it be whilst enjoying an evening meal at the restaurant or perched on the warm sand with the sound of waves lapping, you’re sure to get some pretty amazing views.

With its tranquil setting, stunning waters and perfect sunset viewing, this beach is a great one for couples on a romantic getaway.

Psalidi Beach

underwater floorbed
Image by Yannis Papanastasopoulos via Unsplash

Just a five-minute drive from Kos town, this long stretch of sand and pebbled beach may be a slightly more tourist centered spot, but still well worth a visit.

The rocky underwater terrain and small coves is perfect for the snorkeling explorer, however, you may want to pack some water shoes for this one as it won’t be the most pleasant stroll into the sea. Starting at the shallower section, you will find shoals of smaller fish swarming around you and the deeper you get the bigger the fish become.

Boasting a variety of watersports centers for the adventurous, as well as several tavernas for the less so adventurous, there is much on offer at this central seashore. And if you can muster the energy, why not take a leisurely bike ride along the waterfront, taking in all the sights and sounds of the area along the way. The cycle path here stretches 13 kilometers and can lead you to several other beaches or into the center of Kos.

So, whether you are on a family vacation, a friend’s getaway, or a solitary break, this beach has something for everyone.

Paradise Beach

paradise beach
Image by Michal Osmenda via Wikimedia

Who doesn’t want a little paradise on vacation? Well, Paradise Beach offers just that. Encompassing greenery, rocky cliffs, and fine white sand stretching for miles, this little slice of heaven is one of Kos’s most famous beaches.

33 kilometers from Kos town and accessible via public transport, you will often find this spot referred to as bubble beach. That’s because bubbles rise in the sea, caused by volcanic gases coming from the bottom. Due to this phenomenon, it’s a perfect spot to do a little underwater traveling. And with impeccably clear waters, it’s also an ideal setting to do a bit of fish spotting. Many different types of fish can be seen as you make your way through the bubbles so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

But even after you’ve snorkeled to your heart’s content, the fun doesn’t stop there. There’s plenty more to do on land around this area, from the laid-back vibes of the beach snack bar (serving up burgers to die for), to the bevy of other watersports to choose from, including banana-boating and water skiing.

This is a popular beach for families, so if you are heading out there with kids, this beach is a must on your Kos itinerary. Although slightly more crowded than some of the others on the list, you simply can’t pass on paradise.

Lambi Beach

lambi beach
Image by Karelj via Wikimedia

Under a 10-minute drive from the Old Town, Lambi Beach offers magnificent views across the sea to nearby Turkey. Although, be aware this is probably not the beach for you if you like a tranquil setting. Think of this as being the Ibiza of beaches, as music blares from the many restaurants and bars that line the seafront.

But if you’re looking for a bit of atmosphere for your next snorkel adventure, this is the place to be. With the water getting deep relatively fast and plenty of colorful fish to be found amongst the seabed, it makes an ideal choice for the more experienced snorkeler. And jam-packed with sun loungers, you’re sure to snag a place to dry off after your dive in the clear blue waters.

But again, best to pack your sandals for this beach, as this is another pebbly one, and we all know they can be a bit painful to navigate barefoot. But keep your eyes peeled for the rare multicolored pebbles that have been spotted here, which may be worthy of a pic or two.

Also, this beach is known to get a bit windy from time to time, but with that Greek sun beating down on you, perhaps a little breeze would be welcomed.

Is Kos good for snorkeling?

While there may be more snorkeling options in some of the other Greek islands, what is on offer in Kos is still pretty amazing. This island offers multiple secluded spots for the serious snorkeler, as well as the livelier, tourist-centered areas when you’re looking for a bit more of a vacation buzz. And with a variety of fish and underwater landscapes, there is a lot to explore in this Greek paradise.

Is the sea warm in Kos?

The water temperature in Kos varies depending on when you visit. The waters generally remain warm over the summer months, with the highest sea temperatures usually reaching 26°C (78°F) by August. However, be warned it can get a bit chilly in the winter months, so be prepared for a fair amount of shivering if you’re brave enough to enter the sea during this time.

Which Greek island has the best snorkeling?

While you can find your fair share of enticing spots in Kos, it’s the biggest of the Greek islands, Crete, that is generally regarded as having the best snorkeling. With a plethora of beaches to choose from, this beauty is a watersport fanatic’s dreamland. So, if you are lucky enough to manage a trip to Crete also, be prepared to be blown away by the rich diversity of coral and exotic fish of the underwater world.

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