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Breakfast in Kos: The 7 Best Breakfast Spots in Kos (Greece)

Woke up hungover after hitting the ouzo down the Kos strip? Need a fix of filling Greek food before you venture to the rugged Dikeos Mountain and the highland villages of this stunning Aegean island? This guide has you covered, with a rundown of seven places that could lay claim to the best breakfast in Kos overall.

We’ll run through a septet of establishments that boast tasty morning meals and strong coffee. Some sit in the bustling beach towns north of Kos marina. Others are further afield, up in the mountainous inland or down by the wave-lapped shorelines of the south coast.

No matter the location, we’d say that all of them are worth a look at if you’re keen to make your breakies as good as your long Greek lunches (yep – that good!). Ready? Let’s begin this whirlwind of fresh orange juices and omelets already…

The Village Taverna – The best breakfast in Kos mountains

Garden taverna in Zia
Photo credit: Louis Droege/Unsplash

The Village Taverna is a hidden gem of Kos that resides up under the fluted limestone peaks in the heart of the island. Sat between the tree-shaded lanes and cobbled roads of little Zia village, it’s surely one of the most peaceful and authentic places to head for breakfast.

Sorry, did we say breakfast? In Greece, that morning meal is often nothing more than a strong (like, uber-strong) hob-brewed coffee. That’s why the menu at The Village Taverna focuses on mainstay local dishes that you might prefer to call brunch. We’re talking fresh Greek salad with strong feta on top, grilled calamari fresh off the boats from Kos port, and gyros pitta breads.

Once you’re done eating, be sure to take some time to explore Zia village. It’s a spectacular place, with narrow streets that weave and wiggle past handicraft stores and little boutique souvenir shops. It’s also close to the Dikeos Mountain range, where you can pick up hiking trails to burn off the feta cheese!

Angelica’s Beach Taverna

sunrise or sunset on Kos
Photo credit: Ramon Kagie/Unsplash

Angelica’s Beach Taverna has long been a family favorite for breakfast and brunch. It sits smack dab in the middle of the main beach that runs north of Kos Town marina, which means you can be sitting down to eat just moments after hopping off the ferry from Athens (bear that in mind, because those boats often go overnight).

There’s nothing gourmet about the menu. It’s all honest, hearty, Greek-inspired and international cuisine. That’s backed up by great range of coffees, breakfast teas, milkshakes, and fresh juices, or even cold beer if you’re chasing the hair of the dog.

The setting is one of the best in this busy stretch of seafront. Angelica’s occupies arguably the most spacious part of the beach overall. There’s room for sunbeds and lots of outdoor seating, and there’s a view of the Aegean all but guaranteed.

Lovemade – The best breakfast in Kos if you’re staying in Kardamena

Coffees with a book
Photo credit: Timothy Barlin/Unsplash

The acclaimed café-bar of Lovemade whisks us over to the south side of the island and to the fun-filled resort of Kardamena. Just as lively as Kos Town, but also loaded with a range of locally owned establishments with chilled vibes (like this), it’s a fantastic place to head for a morning meal before exploring the stunning south coast beaches that stretch east and west.

But back to Lovemade itself. The name really does do it justice, because every dish seems crafted with care and attention. The breakfast offering is unlike other places in the area, with smashed avo on toast, poached eggs, scrambled eggs with sausage, and a whole medley of sweet pastries that are made in house.

We particularly love the outdoor garden area. It’s just behind one of the main roads in the resort but you can hardly hear a thing beneath that lovely bloom of blood-red bougainvillea. It’s the perfect setting for munching on what’s unquestionably up there with the best breakfast in Kos as a whole.

Papas Beach Bar

Kos Beach
Photo credit: Reiseuhu/Unsplash

Papas Beach Bar looks a touch like something out of the palace of Ali Pasha. It spreads onto the warm sands between Lambi Beach and Kos Beach in a patchwork of shaded cabanas strewn with elaborate pink and purple curtains, blooming flower walls, and tables topped with shisha pipes.

But it’s too early for a smoke. You came for breakfast, right? Early chow sessions are kept simple in Papas, where you can dine on cheese and ham toasties matched with big smoothies and milkshakes topped with far more choco than you need before 12am. There are decent brunch dishes to boot, in the form of light chicken salads and Greek gyros wraps packed with French fries.

More than just a great morning meal, Papas has a famously friendly owner, Appie, who’s usually up for a chat and a natter about his adopted island. The spot also doubles as a watersport outfitters. That means you can be whizzing over the Aegean on a banana boat as soon as the grub’s had time to settle. 

Alibaba Beach Bar – the best breakfast on Kos for vegans and veggies

View of Kos
Photo credit: Michał Kamiński/Unsplash

When it comes to veggie and vegan breakfasts on the island of Kos, there’s simply nowhere better than Alibaba Beach Bar. But let’s get to the food later. For now, let’s focus on the simply stunning locale. Spilling off the bustling roadway of Akti Zouroudi just north of Kos Town, Alibaba spreads over the powdery sands that roll out to meet lovely Lambi Beach in the north. You can munch on your porridge after swimming in the Aegean. Heaven.

Now, to the menu. Going healthy? There are acai bowls like you get in Bali topped with fresh nuts and fruits and infused with up to six different types of alternative milks. Will it be oat milk today? Maybe you’ll settle on almond? For those with a more demanding morning appetite, you can dig into vegan Philly cheese steak subs (the perfect non-meat hangover cure after hitting the Kos nightlife!) or go heavy with the BBQ jackfruit burger.

Alibaba Beach Bar opens at 9am but stays on for lunch and evening drinks. It’s a good spot for an all-day hangout, especially when you factor in the rows of sunbeds, the beautifully clear sea on this part of the Kos beachfront, and the on-site volleyball courts.

The Cup

Greek coffee
Photo credit: Nick Karvounis/Unsplash

Okay, so you’ll want to skip this one if the tummy is rumbling and you’re looking for a solid meal. Why? The Cup is all about coffee. It’s coffee, coffee, and more coffee in this coffee-mad establishment. But boy are the brews good! In fact, we’ll go out on a limb and say The Cup cook up some of the best morning coffees we’ve tasted in the whole of the Aegean. Big words. Cracking caffeine fix.

You can expect a whole range of new-fangled coffee-making methods, from Chemex to Auto Drops. They also offer classic pressurized extraction – that’s coffee made from an espresso machine to you and me. As you might imagine, the owners are coffee crazy, so usually happy to chat beans and origin roasts, so long as they aren’t too busy, which they often are!

The Cup is primarily a drop-in spot for a drink on the way to the beach. However, we really love the outdoor seating, which overlooks a bustling street on the south side of Kos Town and has plenty of shade overhead.

Loustros Restaurant

Kos in the morning
Photo credit: porojnicu/Envato Elements

The seasonal restaurant at Loustros isn’t just for upscale dining on terraces overlooking the bobbing boats of Kardamena harbor – although it is a great option for that. It’s also a cracking spot to start the day. Some even say it’s got the very best breakfast in Kos as a whole, so pay attention here, folks…

The reason that Loustros often makes waves among travelers is that it’s nailed the art of the classic British fry up. Big, sprawling plates of fried bacon, sausages, eggs, veggie hash and mushrooms are on offer, with mugs of tea to match. Of course, that’s not the end of it. You can also sip great coffee and choose smaller breakfast snacks to boot.

The location is lovely and we particularly like the outdoor seating beneath the covered terrace. That keeps the sun off while you eat but also gets you nice and close to the quayside where the salty breezes roll in.


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