The 7 Best Beach Bars In Milos, Greece

Best Beach Bars In Milos

Milos is a small island in the Cyclades group of Greek islands. Smaller than neighboring Crete, Milos is fast becoming one of Greece’s most popular island destinations for a relaxing beach vacation. And, with so many beaches to choose from on the isle of Milos, it is little surprise that Milos also boasts a fantastic variety of beach bars.

This volcanic island is a dream for those looking to simply unwind under the Grecian sun. So, why not spend your vacation in some of the island’s very best beach bars? Stunning views, the sound of the Aegean Sea lapping at the shoreline, and an ice-cold, refreshing cocktail in your hand: is there a better way to spend a vacation?

We have curated the definitive guide to the 7 best beach bars for you to visit in Milos. If you’ve already booked your summer vacation, or are simply looking for a way to make sure 2023 is better than last year, you must read on to discover these best beach bars.

1. Akri, Adamantas

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Credit: Luca Dugaro via Unsplash

Akri is one of those really special places that becomes the overarching memory of your vacation. You can find it overlooking the magnificent Adamantas bay on Milos – and once you’ve found it you won’t want to lose it again. Better still, Akri is one of those beach bars that manage to make everyone happy, no matter what you’re looking for.

If you’re hoping to unwind with a delicious cocktail or comforting coffee while watching the dazzling Grecian sun set over the Aegean sea, you have come to the right place. Its unique position at the top of the port of Adamantas gives you panoramic views of the bay, while the knowledgeable staff at Akri have got you covered with their mixology capabilities. A sunset aperitif is just within arm’s reach at Akri.

However, if you’re looking for a beach bar with more of a party vibe, you have also come to the right place. Once the evening sun has set, Akri makes sure to turn up the music. Akri is open until late, meaning that there is no need for you to have cut your evening short just because the moon has come out. Party animals: make sure to get yourself here for an evening filled with fun, exquisite cocktails, and nights filled with the groovy beats of some of Greece’s coolest DJs on the circuit.

2. Deep Blue Beach Bar, Paliochori Beach

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Credit: Michal Janek via Unsplash

Deep Blue Beach Bar is on the opposite side of the island of Milos on Paliochori Beach. Paliochori Beach is a popular beach on Milos, and for good reason. Tucked away on the edge of some crystal clear waters, it is near some natural hot springs and is teeming with places to eat and drink. Deep Blue Beach Bar, however, is among the best of them.

Deep Blue Beach Bar is the ultimate location when you’re in search of somewhere you can unwind, overlook the ocean, and have a delicious, casual dining experience. It offers everything you would ask for from one of the best beach bars on Milos, from a range of hot and cold food and snacks to delicious iced drinks, hot coffee, refreshing cocktails, and atmospheric music as the soundtrack to your stay in paradise.

And, when night falls, Deep Blue Beach Bar also springs into action. If you find yourself on vacation in this part of Greece and you’re looking to party, you should head straight here. It is a beach bar, after all, so there is no shortage of island house music, fun drinks, and plenty of other holidaymakers looking to dance the night away. Good vibes can be found right here, on almost any night in Paliochori Beach.

3. Aragosta, Adamantas

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Credit: Pablo Merchán Montes via Unsplash

Aragosta is a wonderful beach bar in Adamantas for those looking for a classy alternative to the party scene. You need look no further. Not only is Aragosta a stunning place for a laid-back, yet refined, evening tipple or two, but they also serve up some really exquisite, unpretentious food for when your appetite grows and you inevitably decide to stay there for dinner.

Its décor is everything you would hope from an elegant beach bar such as Aragosta: pristine white refinement with an undeniable rustic, Greek charm. Overlooking the harbor, yet tucked away from the throngs of people who flock to the beachfront, Aragosta is one of the best beach bars in Milos if you want to spend a more relaxed and intimate evening by the water.

In terms of its dining options, you will be hard-pressed to find more delicious Greek food in Milos than at Aragosta: authentic cuisine of the island featuring fresh seafood, halloumi cheese, and fresh salads and pasta, you will not regret sticking around at Aragosta. If you’re just staying for an apéritif, you will find that their cocktails are excellent value for money for their quality, and the bar staff will be happy to recommend, or create, cocktails based on your favorite flavors. Sit back and relax!

4. Plathienas Beach Bar, Plathiena

Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

Whether you’re staying near Plathiena Beach, or you have just decided to take a trip there for the day, the Plathienas Beach Bar is one of the best beach bars on Milos. It’s not audacious or over-the-top: it offers simple, honest service, cold beer, tasty food, and fantastic views. There is nothing better than this winning combination.

Adept at doing the simple things well, this beach bar is the best option for those looking to simply unwind and destress without pretensions or fuss. For a delicious and filling lunch and a refreshingly cold drink, while you escape the heat of the midday sun, the Plathienas Beach Bar has got you covered. In fact, this beach bar is particularly renowned for its delicious and authentic food – the gorgeous beach is just a bonus!

If you’re in the mood to spoil yourself a little bit more, they also do cocktails. Reasonably priced and welcoming, this charming beach bar is a must-visit for a casual, but delicious, beachside lunch.

5. Verina Cocktail Bar, Plaka

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Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Verina Cocktail Bar is the place to go for lovers of great drinks and great sunsets. Located in a church square, this is one bar that offers more than just your usual beachside vibes. Here you can enjoy delicious cocktails in a magical setting and be able to enjoy that sunset on the water.

In fact, Verina Cocktail Bar is heralded by most of its guests as having one of the best sunset views on Milos. No surprise, then, why this bar continues to see people flocking back. Although Verina is a great place to head for some refreshment at any time of day, it really comes alive in the evening. Great, atmospheric music coupled with stunning views make this one bar that will really set the tone for a memorable evening.

For families, this small bar is also kid friendly. This is the perfect beach bar to visit if you’re traveling with family, or merely want to experience an inexpensive but impressive evening away from too much chaos. You’ll find that the staff here are really friendly, too. What more could you ask for?

6. Aqua Loca Beach Bar, Paliochori Beach

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Photo by leszekglasner at Envato

Aqua Loca Beach Bar is the place to visit in Paliochori Beach if you’re looking for a relaxed spot for an afternoon drink or snack, with the food being among some of the biggest hidden gems on the island of Milos. This is one beach bar that is popular for good reason.

Tourists on vacation in this region of Milos love flocking to Aqua Loca when they need a bit of shelter from the sun. Boasting an outstanding location right on the beach, Aqua Loca is much beloved because of their friendly staff, choice of outdoor seating, and great choice of beach umbrellas.

And, when you’re in the mood for some refreshment, Aqua Loca have a fantastic range of delicious dishes that keep customers coming back for me. This beachfront taverna offers lots in the way of cocktails, including frozen cocktails to beat the heat, popular beers and authentic Greek dishes to satisfy your hunger.

7. Ammos Open Beach Bar, Provatas

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Photo by Philipp Kämmerer on Unsplash

Ammos Open Beach Bar is a part of the Golden Milos Beach hotel, but there’s no reason why you can’t pay their bar a visit if you’re just passing through Provatas – or staying elsewhere. Their beach bar is open to members of the public as well as hotel guests, so you can enjoy their fantastic facilities whatever.

At Ammos, you will find a spacious, elevated terrace where you can enjoy an afternoon in the shade, with the refreshing sea breeze blowing through as you drink and dine. The atmosphere is relaxed, but refined. This is one for families and people looking for somewhere to unwind in relative peace and ease.

Enjoy a selection of fresh salads, traditional Greek dishes, and a range of juices, alcoholic beverages, and coffee. As you would expect from hotel service, the standard is high. The staff are friendly and the refreshments are guaranteed to hit the spot. And, the view isn’t bad either.

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