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is Cartagena safe?

Is Cartagena Safe? Our Safety Guide To The Colombian City

Welcome to this wonderful coral-built town on the sparkling Colombian Caribbean coast, where paint-peeling cantinas serve up rum punches and cafés spill onto cobbled streets, where plazas are topped by handsome Spanish-style churches that date back hundreds of years, and blazing yellow domes cap the skyline. Yep, it’s unquestionably one of the jewels of the...

is Santa Marta safe?

Is Santa Marta, Colombia Safe? Travel Safety Guide in 2023

Located in Northern Colombia on the Caribbean Sea, Santa Marta attracts cultural enthusiasts, beachgoers, and nature lovers alike. A warm breeze welcomes you as you step off the plane, and life ticks by a bit slower here. Before packing your bag, you might ask yourself, is Santa Marta Colombia safe? Like much of Colombia, Santa Marta has been focusing on improving...

Is Bogota safe?

Is Bogotá, Colombia Safe? 2023 Safety Guide

From cumbia to coffee, Bogotá promises visitors a taste of all that is great about Colombia. It’s often the first port of call for travelers to this enthralling corner of South America; a capital that thrums with life, allures with colorful colonial buildings, and takes the breath away with its location some 2,600 meters above sea level. But is Bogotá...

Dangerous places in Colombia

The 9 Most Dangerous Places in Colombia

Colombia is a country with outstanding natural beauty and culture, but the violence in Colombia can be staggering. From gang members to terrorist groups like FARC and ELN, there are many dangerous places in Columbia which you should be sure to avoid. Theft is common, and many people get kidnapped, so you have to take precautions. What’s more, the general crime...