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most dangerous animals in Brazil

The 9 Most Dangerous Animals In Brazil

The largest country in South America is a wonderland of biodiversity. Since it is home to both the largest rainforest and largest tropical wetlands in the world, it is no surprise that it would contain an astounding array of plants and wildlife. Unfortunately, it’s also no surprise that Brazil is home to many dangerous animals.  Brazil has a highly aggressive...

where to stay in salvador for carnival

Where To Stay In Salvador, Brazil, For Carnival? 5 Districts

The Bahian Carnival is probably the second most famous carnival in the whole of Brazil, and, by extension, the world. It’s the only one here that can really match up to the scale and size of the parties that hit Rio de Janeiro come February and March, and it’s a fine alternative option for travelers who want to do something a little different to the usual...

Brazil Contemporary Art Museums

The 5 Very Best Brazil Contemporary Art Museums To Visit

Brazil is a bit of a hotspot for modern art and architecture. You only have to take one glance at the proliferation of buildings by the likes of Oscar Niemeyer across Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to see that. But where are the very best Brazil contemporary art museums to get stuck into during your travels to the country this year? Cue this guide. It runs through a...

islands near brazil

7 Incredible Islands Near Brazil You Simply Must See

So, you’re on the hunt for the most alluring islands near Brazil? This guide has you covered. It scours the long, long coastline of this colossal South American nation, all to deliver seven hot tips on where to go when it’s time for hammock-swinging and sunbathing, snorkeling and surfing. There’s actually quite a selection to get through. But, there...