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coldest places in Argentina

The 7 Coldest Places in Argentina to Live

Argentina usually brings to mind tropical summers and tango milongas. But have you ever wondered about the coldest places in Argentina? Though South America generally has a hot climate, its southern tip is just 1000 kilometers away from the Antarctic Peninsula. Argentina is one of the two countries that stretch all the way to the southern tip. So it’s not surprising...

Argentina vs Brazil

Argentina Vs Brazil: A South American Head-to-Head

Argentina Vs Brazil is never going to be an easy choice. These are two of the big draws of South America. They each pull in millions of travelers every year with their mix of snow-capped mountains and wild seas, buzzy cities and rich history. On the one hand, there’s Argentina. A land of Gaucho cattle raisers and tango-dancing lovers, it’s famed for...

spiders in Argentina

7 Spiders In Argentina That Pack A Powerful Bite

Argentina is well-known for its dangerous animals, and there is no denying the spiders of Argentina are some of the most nightmarish in the world. Some of these species are immortalized through folklore, while others are feared due to their venom and fierce hunting skills. A selection of Argentina’s poisonous spiders is some of the most dangerous animals in...

dangerous snakes in Argentina

The 7 Most Dangerous Snakes in Argentina (Venomous Snakes)

When you think of Argentina what comes to mind? Salsa? Probably. Soccer? More than likely. Snakes? Perhaps not, but you might be surprised at just how dangerous the snakes in Argentina can be. There are plenty of them too, with over 130 species of snake known to live in Argentina. Of the many species of snakes that can be found in Argentina, 18 are known to be...

dangerous animals in Argentina

Avoid These 7 Dangerous Animals While Staying in Argentina

There are some downright dangerous animals in Argentina – that’s for sure! Some are so darn scary that they’ve inspired local folklore tales (just check the phantom Chupacabra). Others are simply known for their predatory prowess and pain-inflicting abilities, their venom and their hunting skills. The other thing to remember is that Argentina is one...