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spiders in alaska

Spiders in Alaska: 9 Species To Look Out For

Alaska is the northernmost and coldest U.S. State. With vast forested regions, grand mountain ranges, and miles and miles of coastline, it’s a truly spectacular destination to visit. Alaska is home to an abundance of wildlife: from brown bears to moose, wolves, and many creepy crawlies. There are over 600 species of spiders in Alaska. Arachnophobes...

Common Spiders in Puerto Rico

The Most Common Spiders in Puerto Rico: 6 Species To Look Out For

This slice of Caribbean heaven may be an ideal place for a week lounging on the beach, but don’t expect everything to be picture-perfect! Like a lot of countries in the Americas, Puerto Rico has its fair share of creepy crawlies that has sent shivers down many a traveler’s spine.Spiders in Puerto Rico are something you can expect while you’re...