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safest places in Jamaica

No-Hassle Tropics: The 7 Safest Places in Jamaica To Visit

The home of jerk chicken and reggae music is a legendary destination in the Caribbean. It draws millions of travelers each year with its white-sand beaches and characterful jazz joints, five-star hotels and fiery local cuisine. But that doesn’t stop people worrying about the pretty high crime rates that abound. That’s why we’ve slung together this...

snakes in Jamaica

Snakes in Jamaica: The 7 Known Species You May Encounter

The tropical Caribbean country of Jamaica is home to a rich and highly diverse range of wildlife, and some of it can do a great deal of harm. But thankfully, unlike the crocodiles or the sharks, the snakes in Jamaica pose little threat to humans. Though there are several species of snake in Jamaica, none of them are venomous. It’s also very rare for humans to...

is Jamaica safe?

Is Jamaica Safe? Complete Safety Guide To Holidaying Here

On an island that’s famed for its gritty reggae bars, its spicy jerk chicken straight off the BBQ, its deluxe hotels fit for honeymooners, and – of course – some of the most stunning beaches this side of the Bahamas, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to make this Caribbean jewel your next destination. But is Jamaica safe? Well…that’s what...

most dangerous animals in Jamaica

The 9 Most Frightening & Dangerous Animals in Jamaica

Considering that the national animal of this tropical isle is a red-billed streamertail – a tiny, pretty, jewel-bright member of the hummingbird family – it should hardly come as a surprise that the list of dangerous animals in Jamaica is not huge at all. Jamaica is generally a safe country to travel to and enjoy on the wildlife front, and the risk of...

dangerous places in Jamaica

The 9 Most Dangerous Places In Jamaica Even Locals Avoid

Jamaica is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean. Over 4 million tourists flock to this dream island each year, but it’s not all coconuts and sunsets. There are some insanely dangerous places in Jamaica that even the locals do their best to avoid! Look past the dreamy tourist resorts and you’ll find a major crime problem in Jamaica...

spiders in jamaica

The 9 Most Feared & Venomous Spiders In Jamaica

Reggae vibes and golden dusted beaches, nowhere does the island life better than Jamaica. This small Caribbean gem offers delights such as the BBQ jerk flavor and world-class coffee, alongside the natural beauty of this tropical paradise. There are 1488 endemic species in Jamaica; from birds and mammals to snakes and commonly encountered spiders in Jamaica. Jamaica...