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Aruba vs Bermuda

Aruba vs Bermuda: The Complete Comparison Guide

Are you planning a tropical escape? Lucky you. The Caribbean is particularly known for its parties and glorious beaches. And announcing your escape for a tropical beach holiday has a certain luxurious allure. However, it can be difficult when it comes to choosing your specific destination. Perhaps you’ve whittled it down to Aruba vs Bermuda? In that case...

Caribbean Islands close to Florida

7 Caribbean Islands Close To Florida To Tempt You This Year

Ah, so you’re on the hunt for Caribbean islands close to Florida? We can see why! You’re about to embark on a journey through a region of the planet that’s basically fodder 101 for travel brochure designers. It’s charmed everyone from sea pirates to honeymooners in its time, and we daresay you’re next. Islands such as Grand Bahama and...

most dangerous animals in Barbados

The 7 Most Dangerous Animals in Barbados

The island of Barbados is a subtropical paradise, brimming with wildlife. It may come as a pleasant surprise, then, that there is generally a lack of dangerous animals in Barbados.  In the past, there may well have been many more deadly creatures to be found, but much of the native fauna has been destroyed by human activity on the island, such as hunting...

How To Travel Between Caribbean Islands?

How To Travel Between Caribbean Islands?

The Caribbean is a dream holiday destination for many. But when the region covers 2.754 million km² and encompasses hundreds of stunning islands and bucket-list destinations, how are you supposed to choose just one? Well, you don’t! Instead, you choose several and travel between Caribbean islands during your vacation.  It’s one of the most beautiful...

best party destinations in Caribbean

The 7 Best Party Destinations In The Caribbean For 2023

So, you’re on the hunt for the best party destinations in the Caribbean? Look no further. This guide has you covered. It hops from the white-sand beaches of the Mexican mainland all the way to the paradise coves of Cuba and the Lesser Antilles to offer up some of the most enticing hedonism getaways the region has to offer. We have to say, it’s been hard...

best Caribbean islands to visit in April

Spring Sun: The 7 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit in April

December is the time for snowbirds escaping North America and Europe. February is for the college breakers looking to party in San Juan and Cancun. Summer is beset by hurricanes. But what about the spring? Check out our guide to the best Caribbean islands to visit in April for tips on where’s hot and where’s not at this point in the calendar. It runs...