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most dangerous animals in Canada

The 7 Most Dangerous Animals In Canada To Know About

Regular visitors to the home of maple syrup and poutine might think that there’s nothing quite so deadly as a Canucks hockey player with a grudge in this country. But they’d be wrong. Read on for a guide to the most dangerous animals in Canada and you might just be surprised by the fear-factor of some of the beasts and critters that await in this corner...

coldest places in Canada

The 7 Definitive Coldest Places in Canada

First things first: The coldest places in Canada are also some of the coldest places on Earth. In fact, the average temperature of some Canadian towns never gets higher than freezing (defined as 0°C or 32°F). But exactly where in Canada is it coldest of all? That’s what this guide is all about… It’s actually a trickier question than might first...

warmest places in Canada

The 9 Warmest Places In Canada: Hottest Canadian Cities

Think Canada and you probably think huge swathes of snow-covered mountains, epic ski resorts, and polar bears living on the edge of the Arctic Circle. But, whilst this corner of North America is certainly famous for its cold climate, many of its southerly regions also experience pretty hot summers. If you’re looking to visit during the balmier months and want...

snakes in canada

7 Non-Venomous And Venomous Snakes In Canada To Know About

No matter if you’re jetting into Toronto to scale the CN Tower or whizzing over to the ski fields of British Colombia, this guide to the safe and venomous snakes in Canada makes for some intriguing reading before touchdown. It’s a 101 for ophidiophobes and herpetologists with their wanderlust stoked for the home of maple syrup and hockey… Yep, here...