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tattoo shops in lisbon

Best Tattoo Shops in Lisbon: Top 9 Places to Get Inked

Tattoos are an expression of freedom, much like travel. So what better way to commemorate your trip abroad than with some new body art? Ink lovers, if you’re heading to Portugal’s hilly and coastal capital, you’re in luck. Lisbon is the perfect city to get a tattoo and these shops are the place to do it.  Lisbon might be best known for its...

best party destinations in portugal

The 5 Best Party Destinations in Portugal For Nightlife

Portugal has always been an increasingly popular holiday spot, and visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking their destination. With delicious food, beautiful beaches and affordable prices there is something for everyone in this glorious country. So what if you have come to Portugal to party? We have put together a list of the best 5 party destinations...

snakes in portugal

Snakes in Portugal: 7 Common Species You May Encounter

The warm climate and diverse rural landscape in Portugal make it the perfect home for several species of snakes. The majority of these are harmless to people. There are only two which are considered venomous enough to hurt humans. One of them is on our list here, while the other is only rarely seen due to its declining population. And although you might hear the...

dangerous animals in portugal

The 9 Most Dangerous Animals in Portugal

The diverse landscape and dry climate of Portugal make it the perfect home for a variety of wildlife. A mixture of European and North African animals have made this place their own. While some of them are rare and quite spectacular, there are also a few that are dangerous.  Mixed in with the peaceful flamingos, roe deer, wild goats, and dolphins are a few...

are there sharks in portugal

Are There Sharks in Portugal: 7 Species You Might Find

Are there sharks in Portugal? Yes, there are! With miles of rugged coastline on the Atlantic Ocean, it’s no surprise that there are around 40 species of sharks swimming in this stunning country’s waters. Luckily, it’s extremely rare to see these fearsome marine creatures in these parts, so there is no reason you should be worried about hitting the...