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dangerous animals in poland

The 7 Most Dangerous Animals In Poland

Poland is a huge European country with a significantly diverse ecosystem. With sandy coastlines on the Baltic Sea lying under the Carpathian Mountains, the landscape provides plenty of hiding spaces for creatures to lurk in the dark. Some of these dangerous animals in Poland should be given a wide berth and left alone in the shadows. The eastern side of the country...

snakes in poland

5 Intriguing Snakes In Poland To Know Before To Travel

This corner of Central Europe is home to some seriously eye-catching animals, from the hulking bison of the lush Bialowieza Forest to the mountain goats that stalk the Tatras to the wolves that live in the wild lands of the eastern plains. But there are also snakes in Poland… Cue this guide. It runs through just five species of slider that you may just come across...