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coldest places in france

Coldest Places in France: 9 of the Chilliest Destinations

France with its medieval cities, alpine villages, and Mediterranean beaches is a country of vast climatic diversity. Places like Montpellier and Marseille can receive upwards of 2,500 hours of sunshine a year with average highs of 75 degrees in the summer months, but head to the Alps and it is a different story. The north of the country and its mountainous peaks, ski...

north france vs south france

North France Vs South France: A Complete Regional Guide

North France vs South France – now that’s no easy one to weigh up. This nation of prized wines and rolling vineyards is a cracking place to travel, and both sides have their own pulls. But which is better for you an your travel buddies this year? That’s what this guide will aim to unveil. It will run through a series of key aspects about both...

Warmest Places In France

The 7 Warmest Places In France To Chase The Sun This Year

Calling all sun seekers and sea lovers, the warmest places in France promise to fill any vacation with oodles of UV and Vitamin D. They’re the spots where you can chase the best weather in the land of baguettes and bouillabaisse, where you can laze down on shimmering sands, and sail seas under the endless gaze of the sun. This guide outlines seven of the top...

dangerous places in france

The 5 Most Dangerous Cities In France To Know About

From the tree-lined walks of the romantic Seine River in Paris to the glimmering beaches of the Nice riviera in the south, the Gothic churches of old Rouen to the hilly districts of central Lyon, this corner of Europe is famed for its enthralling urban centers. They are the stuff of bucket lists all around the globe, no doubt. But they also have a darker side, which...

best party destinations in france

The 5 Best Party Destinations In France For Hedonists

The best party destinations in France are a very mixed bunch. From surfer-filled coastal resorts on the Atlantic Ocean to the buzzy streets of major cities far inland there are all sorts hedonistic places to get stuck into in this bucket-list Western European nation. This guide is primed for those looking to let loose in the home of coq a vin and Bordeaux white. It...