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finnish cuisine

What Is The Best Food To Try When Visiting Finland?

Nordic food is a smörgåsbord of variety. Scandinavians are masters of seafood, especially coldwater fish like salmon, cod, and crab, but you’ll also find a lot of mutton, cheese, berries, and potatoes on the menu. If you’re heading to Lapland, or anywhere in Europe’s furthest northeast country for that matter, you might be wondering, what is the...

spiders in finland

The 5 Most Intriguing Spiders In Finland To Know About

So, you’re planning a trip to the enthralling Nordic land of steaming saunas and rolling tundra, of Santa Claus and salt-washed fjords on the Baltic? Great choice. It’s sure to be one doozy of a jaunt Scandinavia way. But what about the spiders in Finland? Which should you know about? Are they dangerous? Cue this guide. It’s a 101 to all the spiders...

dangerous animals in finland

The 5 Most Dangerous Animals In Finland To Know About

So, you want to know about the most dangerous animals in Finland? Really? Look, this long, bending backbone of Scandinavia is hardly up there with the most feral parts of the planet. It’s not known for its marauding sharks a la Australia; it doesn’t have the overload of deadly snakes you get in Sri Lanka et al. However, that’s not to say that there...