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8 Day Egypt Itinerary

A Complete 8 Day Egypt Itinerary For First Time Travelers

If you’re keen to explore the land of pharaohs and pyramids to the full, then look no further than our complete 8 day Egypt itinerary. It’s a fully scheduled plan to whisk you through all of the major must-sees of this enthralling nation, with history, shopping, culture, and even a touch of nightlife thrown into the mix. It begins on the shores of the...

are there sharks in egypt

Are There Sharks In Egypt? 5 Species That You Might Find

Just when you thought that the land of the mighty pharaoh tombs and the soaring pyramids couldn’t offer any more bucket-list-busting attractions, it opens up the Red Sea coast and the shimmering beaches of the southern Med. Now a playground for sun-seeking travelers, they are areas rich in coral reefs and dive spots. But are there sharks in Egypt that...

spiders in egypt

The 5 Most Unusual Spiders In Egypt You Should Know About

So, you’re wondering about the spiders in Egypt? We can only discern that you’re heading for a romp around the Valley of the Kings and the Giza Pyramids. Or is it a boat trip down the winding Nile River and a jaunt through the bazaars of Old Cairo? Whatever you’re planning on doing, this guide to the spiders in Egypt has you covered on the arachnid...

most dangerous animals in egypt

The 7 Most Dangerous Animals In Egypt To Know About

If you’re thinking of making a trip to the land of towering temples and mystical pyramids, then you might want to whiz up on some of the creatures you’ll encounter. Cue this guide to the most dangerous animals in Egypt, which lists just seven formidable examples of fauna that lurk between the deserts and the wiggling Nile River. It’s got all sorts...