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Czech Republic

is Prague expensive?

Is Prague Expensive? 2023 Money Guide to the Czech Capital

The Czech Republic’s historic capital is a jewel in Europe’s crown. If Rome is the father, Prague is the mother, and the city perfectly bridges the east and west as a popular stop on interrailing routes. The city has a long-standing reputation as a top-budget getaway, but you might be wondering just how inexpensive it is. Though Prague isn’t the...

Most Dangerous Animals In Czech Republic

The 7 Most Dangerous Animals In Czech Republic To Know About

This guide homes in on seven of the most dangerous animals in Czech Republic. It’s got info on the bigger specimens – the brown bears and the stalking pack-hunter wolves. And it’s got info on the smaller critters, from the poisonous spiders that inhabit the home of frothy beer to tiny ticks that can spread disease. The good news is that Czechia is hardly...