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best beach clubs in cyprus

The 5 Best Beach Clubs in Cyprus: The Ultimate Guide to Beach Bars

From sun-soaked beaches to the turquoise waters of the Med, mouthwatering Mediterranean cooking to rich ancient history, Cyprus has a lot up its sleeve. With plenty of sunshine and over 400 miles of coastline, it’s no surprise that it’s among Europe’s top summer destinations. That means that there is no shortage of fantastic coastal venues dotted...

snakes in cyprus

Snakes in Cyprus: The 8 Snake Species to Watch Out For!

If you’re heading on a holiday to Cyprus you might be planning on enjoying a spot of culture, lapping up the nightlife or just relaxing on a beach. But what are the chances of running into snakes in Cyprus, and how worried should you be if you spot one? The bad news is that there are snakes in Cyprus. The good news is that the majority of Cyprus’s snakes are harmless...

are there sharks in cyprus?

Are There Sharks in Cyprus? 7 Species To Look Out For

Cyprus has been a tourist hotspot for decades. In fact, the mere mention of its name invokes images of pristine Mediterranean beaches, warm sunshine, and, of course, the perfect waters where you can wash away the stresses of a busy year.  The republic thrives on tourism, and is frequently touted as, “Europe’s sunniest island”. It’s an enthralling getaway...

dangerous animals in cyprus

The 9 Most Terrifying & Dangerous Animals In Cyprus

The sun-drenched climate that makes Cyprus such a beautiful vacation destination also makes it the perfect home for quite a few dangerous animals. Although its largest land mammal is the Cypriot Mouflon, a species of wild sheep that is not at all frightening, the island makes up for it with its other creatures.  Amidst the diverse landscapes, you’ll find...