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is singapore expensive

Is Singapore Expensive? 2023 Money Guide to the Garden City

The unique city-state at the extreme tip of Southeast Asia’s Malay Peninsula is a thriving financial hub known for its safety, conservatism, incredible contemporary architecture, and a world-class airport. Yet, one thing Singapore is not known for is budget getaways. From the futuristic Gardens by the Bay to the majestic Marina Sands hotel and the tropical Sentosa...

cheapest places in Singapore

Low Budget In The Lion City: The 9 Cheapest Places to Live in Singapore

Singapore isn’t really known as one of the world’s budget-friendly hubs. The metropolis easily clocks up one of the highest costs of living in Asia, falling only a touch short of the likes of infamously pricy spots like Tokyo and Hong Kong. But what are the cheapest places to live in Singapore? Where can you reside in the Lion City without breaking the...

dangerous animals in Singapore

Dangerous Animals in Singapore: 7 Creatures to Look Out For

Thanks to its cultural diversity, incredible architecture, spectacular malls, unparalleled cleanliness, and one-of-a-kind leisure parks, Singapore has become an increasingly popular travel destination. Still, it might surprise you to know there’s more than its contemporary center.  Singapore is a tropical island and happens to be home to an array of...