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most dangerous animals in Malaysia

Most Dangerous Animals In Malaysia: Watch Out For The Tiger!

Malaysia is a rich and diverse country providing habitat to a whole world of creatures. The luscious and dense tropical landscapes are perfect for predators to lurk in the shadows, often lying in waiting for their unsuspecting victims. If you are planning a visit, make sure you’re clued up and know the ins and out’s of dangerous animals in Malaysia. Big...

venomous snakes in Malaysia

Venomous Snakes in Malaysia: 7 Species You’ll Want To Avoid

Malaysia is home to an exhilarating mix of dynamic cities, pristine beaches, epic rainforests, and an abundance of cultural influences. Plus, some street food dishes that certainly deserve a spot on any bucket list. But, like many of its Southeast Asian neighbors, it is also home to a variety of less than desirable wildlife. For the full rundown, check out the most...