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Osaka or Tokyo

Osaka or Tokyo: Which Japanese City to Visit?

Osaka or Tokyo is a decision between two of the three largest cities in beautiful Japan. It’s not going to be an easy choice, because both places have plenty to offer, from some of the best restaurants in the world to oodles of cool districts to explore, great day trip opportunities, and great nightlife on top. On one hand, there is Tokyo, a huge urban jungle...

best party cities in Japan

The 5 Best Party Cities In Japan For A Wild Night Out

Move over Koh Phangan. Take a hike Ho Chi Minh City. The nightlife in Japan is something else entirely. It’s listed among the best in Asia because it’s not only off the proverbial hook but also downright quirky and different, unfolding in a medley of sake-doused sushi restaurants and edgy beer bars known as izakaya. Tempted? This guide to the five best...

cheapest places in Japan

Japan on a Shoestring: 7 Cheapest Places to Live

Known for its arts, innovations, and tantalizing cuisine, Japan has a legacy of distinctive culture and is a bucket list destination for all travelers. With a large developed economy and one of the most contemporary societies, Japan also has a standard of living among the highest in the world. But this means that cheap is one thing the country is not.  Situated...

dangerous snakes in Japan

7 Most Dangerous Snakes In Japan To Know About

Japan is an island nation in the northwest Pacific Ocean with an incredibly diverse ecosystem and one of the wildest in Asia. There are five main islands, along with thousands of smaller coastlines, all with rugged and mountainous terrain. These rocky hillsides are perfect territory for the 47 snake species found across Japan, some of which are dangerous snakes and...

coldest places in Japan

Deep Snow And Ski Towns: The 5 Coldest Places In Japan

Ah, Japan. Land of mystical Shinto shrines, home of ever-bustling Tokyo, soaring Mount Fuji, and the cherry-blossoming parks of Kyoto et al. Millions of travelers flock to this corner of Asia each year to get their fix of spicy noodles, world-class sushi, enthralling Shogun history, and a whole load more. But did you know there are also some super-chilly spots. Cue...

dangerous animals in japan

Most Dangerous Animals in Japan: 7 Species to Look Out For

Japan is an island country best known for its cherry blossoms, cutting-edge technology, experimental cuisine, and cultural values. However, nestled in the Pacific Ocean in far eastern Asia, you might be wondering, are there any dangerous animals in Japan? Japan sprawls from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and Taiwan in the South. Across its less...