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dangerous places in Morocco

The 5 Most Dangerous Places In Morocco To Know About

Morocco is firmly established as one of the great adventure havens of North Africa. Between the dusty heights of the Atlas Mountains, the shifting dunes of the vast Sahara Desert, the wave-washed Atlantic coast, and the immersive bazaars of downtown Marrakesh, there’s so much to get through. But what are the most dangerous places in Morocco? That’s what...

how to travel between cities in morocco

How To Travel Between Cities In Morocco: The Complete Guide

If you’re wondering how to travel between cities in Morocco then we can only guess that you’re planning a once-in-a-lifetime jaunt to this amazing corner of North Africa. And we really do mean amazing. Everything from snow-capped Atlas peaks to shifting Sahara dunes meets here, along with surf-bashed beaches and ancient medina towns where snake charmers...

spiders in morocco

Spiders in Morocco: 5 Species to Look Out For

Morocco, the westernmost country in Northern Africa bordering the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, is well known for its rich blend of cultures, fragrant food, and distinctive wildlife. A wide variety of terrains and climates comprise Morocco, from snowy mountains to desert plains, but you might be wondering, are there spiders in Morocco?  ...

things to avoid in Marrakech

13 Things for Tourists to Avoid in Marrakech

The “Red City”, the “Daughter of the Desert”, the “Ochre City” – whatever you know it as, Marrakech is undeniably iconic and worthy of a spot on any travel bucket list. Densely packed with palaces, gardens, souks, and mosques, it’s easy to get caught up in all the sights and smells that Morocco’s fourth largest...

Dangerous Animals In Morocco

The 9 Most Deadly & Dangerous Animals In Morocco

Sadly the days of Barbary lions prowling around Morocco are over. The animal is now extinct in the wild and can only be viewed in captivity. But that doesn’t Morocco has run out of dangerous animals. There are still some left, quite a few, in fact.  Not many are as majestic as the lion, but there are a couple of predatory mammals to watch out for and many...

venomous snakes in The 5 Most Venomous Snakes In Morocco

The 5 Most Venomous Snakes In Morocco You Should Know

So, you’re curious about venomous snakes in Morocco? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This guide is all about tracking down the most feared and formidable serpents that slither around the land of the tagine and the towering Atlas Mountains, all to help would-be travelers to the amazing country get a grip on some of the critters they probably most...