Rainy Season in Bali: 7 Things to Do in Canggu in the Rain

things to do in Canggu in the rain

Bali is a tropical island haven for most of the year, with guaranteed sunshine, warm waters, and clear blue skies. But from November to February, the humidity increases, the rainy season arrives, and Bali’s weather can be unpredictable. 

Although the average daily temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit barely fluctuates all year round, Bali can prove very wet come Christmas. Scorching days and hours of sun are still common no matter the time of year, but so are monsoons, and the heavens can open for days on end in the rainy season.  

If you’re seeking some winter sun or a Christmas escape, don’t rule out Bali as your next vacation spot. Still, you should be prepared for inevitable downpours, and lining up some rainy day activities for your holiday is a good idea. Canggu is Bali’s vibrant hipster hotspot, and when surf is out of the question, there are plenty of things to do. Our guide runs through all the best activities in Canggu and the surrounding areas, whatever the weather. Keep reading to find out more. After this lineup, you’ll be waiting for a rainy day. 

Indoor Trampolining, Bounce Trampoline Centre

Bounce Trampoline Centre
Photo by Bounce Trampoline Centre

When you’re locked up indoors for days on end, the first thing you’ll want to do is move your body. What better way to stop twiddling your thumbs and get some exercise than doing one of the most fun activities that Bali offers?

Picture this, wall to wall and floor to ceiling; a sea of trampolines and nothing to do but bounce. Finns Recreation Club, the adventure affiliate of the iconic Finn’s Beach Club,  provides a popular trampolining center suited to all experience levels. Bounce makes an exciting day out for kids, gymnasts, or anyone looking to try their hand at a trampoline team game. 

With four different areas, including two practice zones complete with pools of sponges for perfecting your backflips, and a basketball and dodgeball zone, there’s no shortage of fun to be had. Forget the gym. Bounce is the perfect way to get moving and release some endorphins when it’s pelting down outside. 

Balinese Cooking Class, The Amala Hotel

Local Balinese food
Photo by Envato Elements

You’ll never get a true taste of a nation’s culture without trying the food. But why stop there? Balinese food is rich in tradition, and the only way to truly understand it is to try your hand at whipping some up yourself. 

A cooking lesson is a rewarding and enriching activity no matter what time of year it is. But donning your chef’s hat and apron when the heavens have opened couldn’t be better timing. 

The Amala is a luxury hotel and wellness center in Seminyak, just 10 minutes from Canggu, that offers world-class dining and exceptional fusion cuisine. But better yet, the resident chef at Amala’s Bamboo Restaurant, Putra Wayan, puts on daily cooking classes for guests and outsiders alike to fill those rainy days. 

Learn about Bali’s rich culinary heritage and the story behind every ingredient while you watch the chef at work. Then, have a go for yourself as Putra shares his secrets and unique techniques for cooking authentic Balinese cuisine.

Revel in the aromas that fill the air and enjoy your food at the end, every bite becoming a memory of your trip. Putra will guide you through the whole process and even award you a certificate and your own Amala apron at the end of the lesson. With the choice between a morning and afternoon session, you can escape the rain regardless of when it pours down.

Escape Room, The Pandora Experience 

Couple trying to escape from escape room
Photo by Envato Elements

Escape rooms are a phenomenon that everyone needs to tick off their bucket list, and when better than a rainy day to try one out? Bali has several exciting escape rooms to choose from, but The Pandora Experience is the most highly rated on the island. 

Escape rooms are a race against the clock to find your way through locked doors using hidden clues and facing compelling twists with a group of your friends. The Pandora Experience is the ultimate escape adventure and hosts up to 10 players, making it perfect for birthday groups. 

There will be no shortage of surprises, hidden passages, mind-boggling puzzles, and secret chambers to navigate. With 120 minutes to complete all the challenges, based on one of the various engaging storylines invented by creators, you won’t even notice the rainy day whittling away before you. From Jack the Ripper and the Alcatraz Escape to the Bermuda Triangle and the Legend of El Dorado, pick from the myth you want to unpack, varying in difficulty, physical endurance, and fear factor. 

Truly unique and not for the fainthearted, The Pandora Experience boasts a number of different “showtimes” to pick from and is open every day of the week. Book in advance to guarantee availability, but they also take walk-ins. Perfect for sudden downpours.

Creative Centre, Tamora Gallery

Tamora Gallery
Photo by Tamora Gallery

Don’t get us wrong. We know rainy days aren’t all about adventure. Chances are, when it’s pouring down outside, you would much rather cozy up and stimulate your brain instead of moving your body. So why not get your creative juices flowing and try your hand at an artistic discipline? Bali’s first and only Creative Center in Berawa’s Tamora Gallery is the perfect place to explore your visionary talents. 

The Genesis Creative Center is an artistic hub right in the center of Canggu. Home to a variety of multi-disciplinary studios and co-working spaces. You can hire out fully-equipped studios for photography, life drawing, fashion textiles, and even music production, and partake in any of the various workshops and group activities.

Whether you need it for professional reasons or just want to zone out painting or playing guitar for a few hours, Genesis is the perfect place for creatives to unwind on a rainy day and stimulate their inner artist.

Spa Day, Spring Spa

Couples massage at spa
Photo by Envato Elements

What would Southeast Asia be without its spas? It is a wonder for tourists and settlers to indulge in world-renowned massages, ancient traditions, and pamper treatments for half the price of what you can find back home. In the western world, spa days are a rare luxury. But in Bali, visiting the spa can be a weekly rainy day treat. 

Spring Spa is run by New Zealand businesswoman, Ina Bajaj, and delivers authentic Balinese treatments and the best in worldwide beauty and wellness to their clientele. The stylish spa is beautifully designed, boasting a sleek and luxurious interior, serene environment, and fully stocked health bar. 

Choose from the expansive treatment menu of everything from express manicures and pedicures to “complete body and mind rejuvenation packages.” Enjoy a coconut or a cocktail while you get pampered and it pours down outside. 

Book an appointment or wander in any day of the week for select treatments. Spring Spa is situated on Batu Bolong in the heart of Canggu.

Ten-Pin Bowling, Finn’s Recreation Club

Bowling at Finns
Photo by Finns Recreation Club

An old-time family favorite, ten-pin bowling is an exciting activity for all ages. Whether it’s for a kid’s birthday party or a first date, you can guarantee fun at any time of day that bad weather won’t inhibit. 

Six lanes, gutter bumpers, computerized scoring, and automatic pinsetters; the Strike Bowling lanes at Finn’s Recreation Club have it all. With a warm atmosphere, casual retro feel, and a classic American-diner style restaurant to complete the vibe, there’s nowhere better to bowl in Bali. 

Bowling brings all the family together or makes for a great group activity with friends. Follow your trampolining experience at Finn’s by hitting the lanes for a full day of fun when the rain is beating down outside. 

Take a Yoga Class, Samadi Bali

woman doing Yoga stretches
Photo by Unsplash

The practice might come from India, but yoga has a significant presence in ancient and modern Bali. With the rolling paddy fields, sacred temples, and zen-like atmosphere, it’s no surprise that the island of the Gods is a mecca for yoga. Whether you want to take a beginner’s lesson, deepen your practice, or even teach, a rainy day is a perfect time to get flexible.

In the heart of Canggu, just minutes from Batu Bolong, Samadi is a so-called “Self Empowerment Community” and leading yoga studio in Bali. From yoga therapy and sound healing to breathwork and movement dance, they have an exciting schedule full of yoga classes to drop in on when it’s pouring down. 

They even offer yoga retreats and accommodation if you’re looking to fill your time in the rainy season. Classes start at 140k IDR, or $10, and their in-house mini-retreat, with food and lodgings included, is priced at $760 per person. 

How bad is the wet season in Bali?

Bali only has two seasons, wet and dry. While the wet season runs from October to April, the wettest months are December and January, and this is the only time you should expect daily rainfall and monsoons. The rainy season is unpredictable, but temperatures remain high and pleasant despite the wet weather, with averages of 82 degrees Fahrenheit and plenty of hot, sunny days.

Flood risks increase in Bali in the wet season, so it’s advised to be extra cautious when driving, especially by scooter and boat. But there’s no reason to avoid the island around Christmas, and there are plenty of activities to keep you busy in Bali when it is raining.

What can you do in the rainy season in Bali?

The rainy season in Bali doesn’t have to be boring. There’s no shortage of things to keep you busy and indulge different parts of your mind when the signature Bali sun is hiding. From yoga and spa days to shopping and trampolining, Bali is well equipped for winter tourism, and there are plenty of indoor activities to escape both the rain and the humidity. 

The water parks and beaches can still be fun when it’s raining, as long as you’re cautious of extra hazards caused by wet conditions. The rain is also a great excuse to get cultural and learn a bit about Bali’s rich heritage. Visit a temple, take a Balinese cooking class or go to a museum. Also, take it upon yourself to be productive. It’s easy to laze about in the sun and spend all your time on the beach, but a few rainy days can help you reconnect with yourself. Do something creative, get some work done, or try your hand at a new hobby.    

What month is best to visit Bali?

The best time to visit Bali is when the island is dry, hot, and sunny, between April and October. You can expect average highs of 85 degrees Fahrenheit and clear blue skies in these months, especially July through to September, making Bali a popular summer vacation destination. Bali’s wet season lasts from November to March, but this doesn’t mean you need to avoid the island at this time. The average temperatures remain the same. While humidity increases making it feel hotter and stickier, regular rainfall can come as an excellent relief from the scorching heat and sunny spells. 


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