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things to do in Bali at night

Bali Nightlife: 5 Things to Do in Bali at Night

It’s not just waterfalls, beaches, and volcanic landscapes that Bali has to offer. The thriving nightlife caters to all crowds and budgets, and there’s no shortage of things to keep you busy late into the evening. 

Canggu, Kuta, and Seminyak lead the way with their diverse restaurants, bars, and beach clubs which attract a steady flow of night owls. But if you’re looking for alternative ways to spend your evenings, the tranquil areas of Nusa Dua, Uluwatu, and Ubud will not disappoint. 

From clubbing to taking a dip into Balinese culture, there’s something for everyone, and our guide covers it all. This article explores five of the best things to do in Bali at night and where you can do them. Let’s get into it.  


Man DJing in club
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Bali’s nightclub scene is world-renowned, and DJs, as well as partygoers, flock from all over the world every year just to grace the dance floors of Bali’s best clubs. Canggu, Kuta, and Seminyak are the epicenters of partying, with rows of pubs, bars, and clubs lining the busy streets. Whether you’re into laidback beach parties or underground warehouse raves, Bali’s nightlife is endlessly diverse. 

You can find all manner of events hosted across Bali, from techno nights to dance hall events and even fancy dress competitions. The clubbing scene in Bali starts much earlier than in Europe, with most clubs and bars kicking off around 9 pm. Many don’t have licenses to operate beyond midnight, but there are a few late-night haunts for real night owls that keep their doors open until 4 am on weekends. 

Check out the clubs below for the best DJs, busiest dance floors, and good vibes until the early hours:

La Favela – Located in the heart of Seminyak, with unique rustic decor and rotating drinks specials, La Favela’s club nights have been deemed “more like private house parties” with the comfy interior and upscale feel. 

The Warehouse – This late-night underground spot has an edgy European feel, with techno music, exclusive table service, and an observation balcony. The Warehouse is one of the few clubs in Bali that’s licensed until the early hours, so you can shuffle the night away on the raging dance floor until 6 am on some weekends.   

Da Maria – This Italian eatery-come-nightclub is part of the same restaurant group as Luigi’s Hot Pizza, so it’s no surprise that the trendy bar area, adorned with portraits of rap legends, turns into a crowded dance floor for mid-week parties. Da Maria is one of the only spots in Bali where you’ll find regular Hip Hop nights, as well as affiliated events with the elusive Penny Collective, a Berlin-Bali DJ collective well-known across the island. 


Traditional Balinese food
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Local Balinese cuisine is beloved and traditional. Indonesian food can be found all over Bali and promises to be comforting, aromatic, and cheap no matter where you go. But as one of the top vacation destinations globally, Bali has evolved to be a contemporary place with a global palette.

The highlight of Bali’s gastronomy is modern Asian fusion, with a diverse set of restaurants influenced by the neighboring South Asian countries of Thailand, China, and Japan. With a high population of European settlers, it’s also not hard to come across French, Mediterranean, and British staples wherever you go. Finally, Australian cuisine has a stronghold over Bali’s restaurant scene, just a stone’s throw from Bali’s shores.

Whether you want smoothie bowls, tacos, or sushi, there’s food for every palette, and Bali’s restaurants are open late into the night. Some even host regular evening entertainment like live music, quiz nights, and table games. You can find most of Bali’s restaurants on Grab and Gojek, South East Asia’s answer to UberEats, if you want to enjoy your feast from the comfort of your lodgings. 

Check out these top spots for great food and buzzing atmospheres:

Lemon & Salt – Located on the rooftop of Citadines hotel in Berawa, Canggu, Lemon & Salt’s menu is the perfect blend of Asian and French fusion cuisine, handcrafted by head chef Jeremy Torret. Enjoy panoramic views of Canggu and Berawa beach while you watch the sun go down. Make sure you try Torret legendary secret recipe chicken when you’re there. 

Ling Ling’s – This contemporary Asian fusion eatery in the heart of Seminyak has a quirky interior, vibrant atmosphere and provides the best of Japanese and Korean favorites on their rotating menu. Enjoy a different deal every night of the week, and check out the drag queen bingo for a real treat.  

Warung Canteen – With a backpacker-friendly vibe, and prices to match, Warung Canteen is a great restaurant to whittle the night away with table games, cheap beer, and a fun fusion menu of western, Balinese and Chinese cuisine. 

Beach Clubs

Beach club in Bali
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Exclusive daybeds, great food, dynamic DJs, and craft cocktails; a day in the sun at a Bali beach club is always deserved, but they’re also great places to party the night away. Bali’s beach club scene is notorious, and it’s not unusual for party goers to choose to spend their night on the beachfront rather than in a cramped club. 

But beach clubs aren’t all about partying. Although many host regular club nights, you can find several spots with more laid-back vibes, world-class dining, and unmatched sunset views to enjoy a serene evening. There are also family-friendly beach clubs in Bali with kids clubs and organized activities to keep you and your children entertained all night. 

Finn’s Beach Club – often referred to as the best beach club in the world, Finn’s is a beachfront spot in the heart of Berawa. It has earned its notorious reputation for hosting significant events, with three in-house restaurants and luxurious day beds surrounding its three alluring pools.  

Roosterfish – a rustic family-friendly spot in Bali’s southernmost peninsula. Enjoy wood-fired pizza, beach volleyball, and unmissable sunset views.

Savaya – located beyond the vast Uluwatu jungle and perched on a cliff overhanging the Indian ocean, Savaya is Bali’s most iconic party spot. Its sparkling cube architecture is recognized worldwide. Hosting the biggest parties with the best DJs, Savaya is a favorite of partygoers all over Bali. 

Outdoor Cinema

An outdoor cinema
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Nothing beats the thrill of leaving your couch behind and catching one of the latest blockbusters on the big screen. Apart from maybe when you’re perched on a beanbag, and wrapped in a blanket, accompanied by the sounds of the ocean or a mountainous backdrop. 

Outdoor cinemas are popular all over the world. The traditional joys of popcorns and hotdogs mixed with perching on a grassy ground and curling up with the breeze in your hair are second to none. But when you combine Bali’s scenery, warm weather, and luxury locations, outdoor cinemas don’t get much better than this.

The perfect spots for date nights, family-friendly fun, and movie buffs. Grab some popcorn and a cocktail and watch the sun go down as your favorite movies are screened via projector. As long as it’s the dry season, which runs from May to October, you won’t have to worry about bad weather ruining your night. 

Ulu Cliffhouse – One of Bali’s best and most exclusive beach clubs, Ulu Cliffhouse also hosts regular midweek outdoor cinema nights where you can enjoy new releases accompanied by popcorn and cocktails to the sound and sights of the Indian Ocean. 

Bali Outdoor Cinema – Located far East in Bali’s bustling Klungkung Regency, Bali Outdoor Cinema is the first public garden cinema of its kind in Bali. It provides a truly unique experience for visitors. Set to the backdrop of Mount Batur, Bali Outdoor Cinema is the place to go if you want to cozy up away from the crowds of Kuta and Canggu. Nestled in the mountains, every attendee also gets their own mini tent to camp in and snuggle up while they catch old-time classics on the projector screen. Better yet, most pictures are free entry, and snacks and refreshments are available on site. 

Alternative Beach – Perch next to the pool with a glass of local wine and enjoy the latest Hollywood releases at Alternative Beach, the perfect cozy movie spot in the heart of Canggu. It is a guest house, workspace, and pool bar by day, but a grassy cinema lawn by night. Alternative Beach is lit up by twinkling fairy lights and adorned with comfy bean bags. Entry is free, but make sure you reserve a spot as it gets booked up first. 

Night Markets

Local night market
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Stimulating, colorful, and fragrant, night markets need to be part of your South East Asian travels and form a massive part of Balinese culture. From native food and alcohol to cheap clothes, toys, and handicrafts, Bali’s night markets are a great place to snap up a deal or sit and enjoy an inexpensive dinner. You can even try some of the island’s exotic delicacies like the controversial durian fruit, which you’ll smell from a mile off.

Locally referred to as pasar malam or pasar senggol, you’ll find the best night markets in Bali in Badung, Sanur, Gianyar, and Ubud. 

Gianyar Night Market – Within reach of Ubud, this night market in the heart of the Gianyar Regency is bustling and lively from 3 pm, right up until midnight. It is known as the most prominent and oldest market in Bali, and you can find fruit, vegetables, street food, and gadgets sold from traditional stalls. 

Nusa Dua Night Market – Popular with tourists, Nusa Dua is a resort town in Bali with beachfront hotels and sultry white-sand shores. Nusa Dua is tranquil and luxurious, and so it’s no surprise that this night bazaar is one of the most exciting things to do at night in the area. Located on the outskirts of the peninsula, the Pasar Senggol sells tapas, Balinese desserts, and locally crafted clothing to budding tourists and locals. The market even hosts dance performances, giving an insight into authentic Balinese culture.

Kumbasari Night Market – Also known as the Kumbasari Art Market, this bazaar is somewhere locals come to stock up on kitchen utensils and ingredients. Still, tourists come for stunning paintings, batik, sculptures, and other works. The market is also opposite a large temple, so there’s no shortage of intricate religious trinkets to be found too.  

Is there nightlife in Bali?

Bali has a thriving nightlife, one of the best in the world. With beach clubs to rival Ibiza and a techno scene on par with Berlin, the island is a party place, and the considerable rise in tourism in the last two decades has bought tons of nightlife options to Bali to suit every crowd.

Despite Indonesia being a religious country, unlike the capital of Jakarta, which is a Muslim city, alcohol is readily available in Bali and not looked down on by locals who also indulge in the party culture. There’s a lot to do in Bali at night that isn’t focused on clubbing, from night markets to outdoor cinemas, you won’t be bored if the party scene isn’t your thing. 

What is there to in Kuta at night?

Kuta is a prominent tourist district in Bali and boasts some of the best beaches. With a five-mile stretch of sand, the area appeals to tourists, sun lovers, and holidaymakers. But there’s also tons to do at night. Kuta is one of the best places to enjoy the sunset, located on the southwestern coast. You can sit on the beach or at a rooftop bar and enjoy a sundowner anywhere in Kuta.

There are also many restaurants, from romantic fine-dining spots to buzzing, sociable diners to enjoy an evening meal. Kuta has several cinemas screening the latest releases and even a theatre where you can enjoy local dance performances and recitals. You can even pamper yourself with an evening spa treatment at any of the various late-night salons that stay open for tourists. 


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