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The 7 Best Breakfast Spots and Cafes in Uluwatu (Bali)

Located in the southwest corner of Bali’s Bukit Peninsula, Uluwatu is arguably one of the most beautiful places in Bali. It’s widely known for its clifftop views and world-class waves as well as the famous Uluwatu Temple that’s perched on top of the cliffs. Bringing surfers from all around the world, Uluwatu has a calm, relaxed air about it. One that never ceases to amaze and entice. Whether you’re here for a holiday, gap year, or looking to stay full-time, you will always find things to do and places to explore. 

So, why not start off with breakfast, since it is the most important meal of the day. That’s never been more abundantly clear than here in Uluwatu. Whether you prefer sweet or savory, Uluwatu has a choice for everyone. If you like eggs in the morning or your partner/friend prefers pancakes, you will always be happy with the choices on offer. The beauty about the food on offer here is that most of the options are healthy wholesome food. Food that will set up for the day in the best way possible and keep your energy levels going all day long.

Take a look at our list of seven of the best breakfast spots in Uluwatu before you head off to the beach or go exploring the tourist hot spots. Give them all a try and see if you find your favorite place.

Drifter Surf

Drifter Surf cafe
Photo by Drifter Surf

Drifter is a shrine to all things surf-related and they wear their vintage vibes proudly. They stock a range of underground labels and some impressive ocean-inspired art. Once you’ve done your shopping or browsing, head to the back of the shop and enjoy a delicious freshly brewed coffee and breakfast at the peaceful Drifter Café. At the café, they serve breakfast all day so even if you’re up late after a good night out, you won’t be disappointed. With a wide choice of healthy, hearty, and wholesome meals from vegan breakfast burrito and smoothie bowls to eggs benedict with salmon and classic breakfast favorites.

You’ll find something here for everyone. But that’s not all this wonderful café provides, as come nightfall, this café is transformed into a restaurant that serves Balinese curries and fish. Stop by on a Friday night to catch a live band or al-fresco movie viewing under the stars.

Bukit Cafe

Bukit Cafe
Photo by Bukit Cafe

Situated between two Bali beaches, Bingin and Padang Padang on Jalan Labuan Sait, Bukit Café is the perfect spot for breakfast. Bukit Café pride themselves on their western-inspired quality menu which features daily specials to reflect seasonal produce that’s available. The bright airy interior features rustic, elegant décor surrounded by tropical flowers. Some of their top dishes include smashed avocado on toast, Greek omelets, salads, sandwiches, and vegan pancakes. Bukit café is the ideal place for a breezy breakfast before heading down to the beach to enjoy the sun and clear blue sea.

The Loft Uluwatu

The Loft Uluwatu
Photo by The Loft Uluwatu

The Loft Uluwatu is a ‘lofty’ and open-air warehouse-style dining room that’s peppered with indoor palm trees. This place has become the all-day hangout for Bali’s cool crowd and surfers alike. It’s the perfect place to get your caffeine fix while working from your laptop. It’s also great if you’re looking to grab a post-surf coconut or satisfy your sugar cravings with some delicious waffles. They have a huge range of vegan and veggie options on their menu.  The atmosphere inside The Loft is relaxing, and there is always a buzz of activities. But this lovely cafe isn’t just great for breakfast, it also has an extensive lunch and dinner menu with wine. You are even able to create your own dish, making you feel even more at home in paradise.


Photo by Nourish

Nourish as the name suggests aims to nourish your body with only locally sourced, organic, and nutrient-rich food. The owners of Nourish are obsessed with using high-quality, soul-serving ingredients and have based their whole ethos on conscious sustainability.  They do this by cooking with as much organic produce as possible and sourcing ingredients locally. In keeping with their style of good-quality food, their menu features a range of healthy salads and superfood bowls. There are also omelets, a vegan breakfast, and waffles or pancakes on offer here too. Many people recommend the Egg Skillet and the Smashed Avo Stack. Be sure to also try their cold-pressed juices. 

The Place With No Name

The Place With No Name
Photo by The Place With No Name

Located just a short distance from scenic Padang Padang Beach, The Place With No Name is the perfect place to go if you are a pescetarian or vegetarian. In fact, it’s their specialty. Although a lot of places around Uluwatu have vegan and vegetarian options, nowhere offers quite as much range as The Place With No Name does. They combine tastes from around the world with Balinese spices to create a unique fusion and taste. With a whole host of options from breakfast burritos and Chia puddings to a fruit platter and frozen smoothie bowls, there will be a choice for you and your family or friends.

Bali Buda Café & Stores

Bali Buda Café & Stores
Photo by Bali Buda Café & Stores

Created over 26 years ago by Brenda Ritchmond and Paolo Righetti who had a passion for bringing good quality food to people who choose healthy ways to look after themselves and their families. Located just outside the center of Uluwatu this café is well worth the drive according to reviews. They serve an all-day breakfast as well as super healthy smoothies and health shots. They have a very extensive menu and even offer vegetarian and gluten-free options.

For the eco-friendly travelers among us, you will find several green initiatives within this café and store. Bali Buda supports the zero waste movement and has already swapped plastic straws to glass straws. They no longer offer plastic bags in their stores and instead use reusable cotton bags or newspaper bags on request which can then be recycled. They even compost the leftovers from their cafes to give to local farmers.  All food they stock is fresh and locally sourced. This is definitely one to add to your list of breakfast places. 

Ours Bali

Ours Bali
Photo by Ours Bali

Ours Bali are proud to support local farmers and make sure that all their food is locally sourced and cooked from fresh. They are an all-day restaurant that has upped the gourmet game in Uluwatu. A mix of open living in Bali combined with Scandinavian architecture and a touch of Mediterranean flavors gives Ours Bali a unique atmosphere and truly amazing food. Located in the heart of Uluwatu, this exquisite restaurant gives you that daily reminder of how deeply interconnected we all are with the earth.

Feast on their Morrocan Fried Eggs or their yummy Vegan bowl with a choice of fresh or cold-pressed juices for breakfast to start your day, then come back in the evening for their blue cheese chicken burger paired with one of Ours Bali’s classic cocktails. There are plenty of choices available on their menu that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Many reviewers say that the atmosphere inside the restaurant is cozy and perfect for spending quality time with your friends and loved ones. It’s also rated as number 5 on TripAdvisor for being one the best breakfast spots in Uluwatu.


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